Candid Photography (Etiquette)

Candid Photography (Etiquette)

One of “genre” in photography (if there’s such thing as a genre) that I really like is “Candid Street Environmental Portraiture” :-). Not the conceptual candid, but real candid. We often hear people ask us to join an event they called “hunting”, but actually it’s a conceptual. Doing candid photography feels like you’re really “hunting” for good moment, interesting character, on the street. We don’t concept the shot, these are real people, this is exactly what they’re wearing that moment, that was their actual expression and that is what they do in that particular time.

Power Ranger Kids Area Volunteer

As you can see in previous photo, I didn’t put the Power Ranger background at the background, neither put that white board (props) near the subject. When I saw her, she completely separate from the crowd which is mostly kids. Another example in the next photo, I think everyone will agree that she’s very interesting character in that event, she’s attracting visitor to buy Power Ranger merchandise. (more…)

Photographer, Street Photographer, Portraiture?

Photographer, Street Photographer, Portraiture?

Since I started my photography using my first DSLR in 2013, I never confident to be called as photographer or put photographer label with my name. The reason is because, I don’t want to go any further in my photography.

I prefer to be referred as someone who love to take photos, and I’m doing photography as one of my hobby. It’s a quick escape from my main profession as a Software Engineer. Yet, until now, I’m not thinking to go any further and doing professional photographer thing. 🙂

After doing photography for a while, I thought I found my interest in photography, which is Street Photography. I join a lot of street photographer group and then I realize that I didn’t take photograph as what they did and posted in the group. I didn’t enjoy what they are posting on the group and so happen when I post my photo, only few of them like it.

That leaves me a question am I different or really bad on this …. (more…)

Starting With Angular 2 Development

Starting With Angular 2 Development

If you just started with Angular 2 as I do and somewhat you also new in Javascript stacks, I’m sure we’re all confused about which approach that is more suitable for our project. After trying all (Yeoman) generators for Angular 2 from different developers, most of their stacks is almost suitable to my requirement, but unfortunately not 100% fit in. ?

So what is my requirement?

  1. Initially I want to have full-stack application, but I finally decided that I want to separate Frontend and API project.
  2. I will host this application on Azure Web App Service and because this is a managed service, I don’t need to deal with setup the environment for deployment, no need to setup dedicated VM, just focus on development.

Where do I start?

For API project I don’t really mind whether I should use Node.js or ASP.NET Core. But again, since I don’t want to write everything from scratch, so I end up using LoopBack. LoopBack is more than sufficient to my scenario. So for the API part… it’s settled.

And here’s come the troublesome part, The Frontend part that using Angular 2. ?

I’ve been using Angular 2 for couples of months now and in general, I’m pretty much like it. It was not the same impression I had when I was trying Angular 1. I like it because it feels familiar for those who already using Handlebars.js and TypeScript. (more…)

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