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Shoot With A7R and Helios 44m(-1)

Shoot With A7R and Helios 44m(-1)

Two years ago, I was accidentally bump into an antique camera store while doing street photography near Pasar Seni bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur (KL). The owner of the camera store is an old Chinese guy and by the moment we met, I have no issue at all with the guy, until … let me finished my story first. 🙂

Meanwhile, I was asking for the price of Helios 44m displayed in the window and he give me the price XXX RM for the lens. There were two copies of the lens that time, so he was asking which one do I want. So I pointed to one of them (since they both at the same price), and then he offer me to get the lens with original classic UV filter that comes with the lens but I need to top up for another XX RM.

I ask him that can he give me the filter for the same price (for free)? Here’s comes the funny part, he give me the filter and he took out the lens rear cap and then I like, what?! Wait a minute, why do you took the rear cap? He answered, so what do you want? do you want the rear cap or the filter? I feel that he’s a bit rude that time, so I told him that, let me get the initial offer, XXX RM for the lens (and all the cap) without UV filter. No more words, after transaction complete, I immediately get out of his store. (more…)

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