Photographer, Street Photographer, Portraiture?

Since I started my photography using my first DSLR in 2013, I never confident to be called as photographer or put photographer label with my name. The reason is because, I don’t want to go any further in my photography.

I prefer to be referred as someone who love to take photos, and I’m doing photography as one of my hobby. It’s a quick escape from my main profession as a Software Engineer. Yet, until now, I’m not thinking to go any further and doing professional photographer thing. :-)

After doing photography for a while, I thought I found my interest in photography, which is Street Photography. I join a lot of street photographer group and then I realize that I didn’t take photograph as what they did and posted in the group. I didn’t enjoy what they are posting on the group and so happen when I post my photo, only few of them like it.

That leaves me a question am I different or really bad on this ….

What about portraiture? Ah, yes! Everyone holding first camera really obsessed with the word “BOKEH”. I did a lot of portraiture in my first year with my DSLR and guess what, it’s a portrait of person with blurry, creamy bokeh background. I’m quite happy that time because I can produce the bokeh that they always keep talking about …

Conceptual Portraiture
Conceptual Portraiture

So after more than two years in photography, what is really photography for me? I’m doing photography for “documenting special moment or event in my life” and sharing with others.