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Connecting The Dots

Hi folks, my name is Indra Gunawan, I’m Indonesian Professional Software Engineer and also an Amateur-Enthusiast Photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We all ever heard of saying that we need to find 3 hobbies in our life: “The one that makes a living”, “The one that makes us stay creative”, and “The one that makes us healthy”. And for that reason, I have chosen my hobbies.

I made living from my main profession as a Software Engineer and when I have extra time on the weekend, I do cycling in the morning and photography in the afternoon.

That would be all of this blog about and feel free to subscribe to my social media channel to follow my journey.

Recent Articles

Should I Concern on Personal Branding More?

Since I jump into photography in late of 2013, I watch many famous photographers YouTube channel and I found interesting things they do to their branding, I'll give one of the examples, Matt Granger with "ThatNikonGuy" branding. If you watch his channel quite a while,...

Shoot With A7R and Helios 44m(-1)

Two years ago, I was accidentally bump into an antique camera store while doing street photography near Pasar Seni bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur (KL). The owner of the camera store is an old Chinese guy and by the moment we met, I have no issue at all with the guy,...

Candid Photography (Etiquette)

One of "genre" in photography (if there's such thing as a genre) that I really like is "Candid Street Environmental Portraiture" :-). Not the conceptual candid, but real candid. We often hear people ask us to join an event they called "hunting", but actually it's a...

Photographer, Street Photographer, Portraiture?

Since I started my photography using my first DSLR in 2013, I never confident to be called as photographer or put photographer label with my name. The reason is because, I don't want to go any further in my photography. I prefer to be referred as someone who love to...

Fanaticism is Annoying

When we said that we love music, does it means that we only love specific genre of the music or all kind of music? For me, I love all kind of music and I’ve never been a fanatic fans of any music performer or singer out there. When they release the music or song that...