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Indra Gunawan

"Full-stack Life Engineer in the mission of Catching 7 Dimensions of Wellness"
about me





Who am I?

Hi folks, my name is Indra Gunawan, I’m Indonesian Professional Software Engineer and Amateur-Enthusiast Photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We all know or at least ever heard about someone saying that we need to find 3 hobbies in our life: “The one that makes a living”, “The one that makes us stay creative”, and “The one that makes us healthy”.

Well, I think I’ve found all of those hobbies in my life …

I made living from my main job as a Software Engineer, and when I have extra time on Sunday, I do cycling in the morning and photography in the afternoon.

Feel free to subscribe or follow my social media channel to follow my humble journey in this life … 

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