Traumatize Work Experience

Why I want to bring this up now is because it’s just popup in the discussion when I was in the meeting with my friends last night, and there’s a time when we talked about my ex-colleague in the previous company.

So the story was about my ex-colleagues after they left the company, they’re become: “Speaking Cobra”! Meaning, they talk bad (spreading poison) to everyone (our Indonesian community) about that company, and they even don’t recommend that company to their friends or any Indonesian IT worker who lives in Kuala Lumpur.

Of course, it’s not like a “traumatized” situation in the real thing, but what I can share with you here is that, Yes! I admit that the situation in that company when we work there is pretty much bad.

I can describe some of the situations when we work there:

  1. Turn over rate is very high and most of the workforce is freshly graduated.
  2. We have some kind of: “Yes man!” management that makes the workloads crazy. The project managers are not managing the customer’s expectation, just saying yes to what the customer asked.
  3. The management declares that we are performance-based company but in the past, we keep promoting or treating the same group of people so for those who see it, they may think that it looks like some kind of managements favoritism.
  4. When the company is getting bigger and more and more people joining, some people are playing office politics.