Fanatisism is Annoying

When we said that we love music, does it means that we only love specific genre of the music or all kind of music? For me, I love all kind of music and I’ve never been a fanatic fans of any music performer or singer out there.

When they release the music or song that I like, then I like them. If I don’t like it, then I don’t listen to it. It’s good that these days we have iTunes and Spotify, because we don’t need to buy the whole albums and we don’t need to spend money on the track that we don’t listen.

I was a fanatic fans to Linux and Open Source Technology. It’s true, I really like all about them and I hate Apple and Microsoft. Yes, that was me before I finally realize that when I said that I love Information Technology (IT), Computer Science, Software Engineering, I can’t say I only love specific technology or a platform. But I need to learn and familiar with all of them.

When I started my hobby in photography in 2013, I bought my first camera and start to shoot everything. I really love taking pictures and I really love photography. I started to join a lot of photographers community and there are plenty of them in Kuala Lumpur.

I like those groups who never talk about the gears. They just post their photos, share the techniques/settings and they conduct a lot of events and exhibitions as what photographers community should do. While in the other hand, there’s few groups who are really like (read: show off) about what gears they are using to take their photos.

Now I literally, hate SONY camera “fanatic fans” as I hate Apple fanboy (I use MacBook Pro by the way but I’m not their fanboy). SONY is a great camera manufacture and they are really advanced in imaging sensors industry for long time ago.

I don’t hate their products, I hate their fanatic fans :-)

To me, Photography is far beyond the gears it self as for Software Engineering is not about how we learn to use computer or about the computer itself. I love those field because there are creative process behind it. We actually create something by writing software and creating photos.

Don’t be an annoying fans … please?!